NetSearcher 2.1: Searches files in LAN (network)

NetSearcher 2.1

NetSearcher main features: Searches through shared resources that are hidden Searches for files on networks Searches for files in a workgroup or domain Searches for files on a computer or a separate shared resource Obtains and saves the network tree to facilitate navigation Search in files contents Ensures a fast, multithreaded search

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Able2Know Expert Toolbar 1.5.2: An advanced researcher`s toobar

Able2Know Expert Toolbar 1.5.2

The Able2know Expert Toolbar is an advanced researcher`s tool allowing you to search through dozens of search engines and online references. What sets able2know`s toolbar apart from others is that it does not restrict searches to one search engine but searches all the best web searches, meta-searches, directories, and references.

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iMetaSearch 5.00: Search engines can`t group results based on meaning, but iMetaSearch can.

iMetaSearch 5.00

Search engines can`t group results based on meaning, but iMetaSearch can. iMetaSearch groups search results by concept; click the groups that interest you and the search results will be revised accordingly. This is a powerful way to refine searches. Searches can be exported to Excel for analysis, tracked over time, and refined easily. An expandable, sortable index is created that often suggests additional words and phrases for further searches

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Search Assistant 1.0: Windows Desktop Search Creation Wizard

Search Assistant 1.0

Search Assistant is an easy to use program for creating Advanced Query Syntax (AQS) searches for Windows Desktop Search. It allows you to create complex where clauses based on a file`s properties as well as searching for text. The results of your searches can be displayed in the Search Assistant`s own results window or your search can be passed directly to Windows Explorer.

desktop search, search, advanced query syntax, file search

LOGOS 2.6: Crossword, Anagram and Hidden Word searches.


LOGOS is a word searching application. It provides three functions: 1/ Crossword searches 2/ Anagram searches 3/ Hidden word searches. Searching is from a simple and easy to use Windows user interface. The application is supplied with a 217,000 word dictionary.

search, word, dictionary, anagram, crossword, multiword anagram

Speedy Orange PC Shortcuts Launch web pages and applications and create web site `auto-search` shortcuts

Speedy Orange PC Shortcuts

This handy utility helps you quickly load applications and web pages, and run `auto-searches` on your favorite web sites. It runs minimized in your system tray and can be configured with minimal effort even by less experienced users. The pop up menu has built in shortcuts to speed up common tasks like doing search engine searches and loading non-clickable web links and it has areas where you can create your own shortcuts to anything.

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FuBox FuBox is a small, fast, no-nonsense Quick Search Box Browser Launcher.


FuBox is a small, fast, no-nonsense Quick Search Box Browser Launcher. Never launch your browser the old way again. With FuBox, your browser will open up right to the page with the information you`re looking for. Like Google Quick Search Box but with Custom Searches! Like Google Toolbar but with Custom Searches! Not a browser toolbar. Ready at ALL times! From anywhere within Windows! Fast, efficient, no-nonsense application.

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Prospector Lite 5.3

Prospector gives you the best buyer tool for eBay with the most control over what you see. Find what you want quicker, save time, and win auctions! One click to replay all your searches, another click to see the items listed since your last search. Extra searches let you search more powerfully than with eBay alone. Free Prospector Lite allows 30 searches per day, and 15 free Ace Sniper snipes per month.

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ChemDBsoft Academic Lite: Simple software to create and manage chemistry databases and lab notebooks

ChemDBsoft Academic Lite

searches by structure and substructure, multiple database searches, multi-condition searches, duplicate removal, database comparison by any data field, barcode reader module, chemical web server for exposure of chemistry databases on the Internet. Import/Export formats supported: SDF, MOL, JC, JCAMP, TXT, LST, and NIST MS Calculation and prediction tools include: prediction of lipophilicity, solubility and the corresponding pH-dependent profiles

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G-Zapper 3.1: Block the Google cookie to search anonymously.

G-Zapper 3.1

G-Zapper helps you stay anonymous while searching Google by blocking and deleting the Google cookie. Did you know that Google stores a unique identifier in a cookie on your PC, which allows them to track the keywords you search for? G-Zapper helps you protect your identity by allowing you to view your Google ID, see how long your searches have been tracked, erase your searches, and block the Google search cookie. Easily block Google cookies.

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